You have been found guilty of a horrible act.  The judge will determine your sentence and how many strokes you will receive.  You will be tied down securely so that you have no choice but to receive your just punishment.  Mistress has a variety of canes, but Her favorite one is the Dragon.  Mistress has a mean swing and her strokes are accurate.  Mistress will admire her work when She is done.

You regain conciousness, bound and gagged, and  through the sack over your head you see the dim figure of your captor.   You can't recall how you got here. You panic, and try to break free from the cuffs biting into your wrists.   Your mouth is dry.  You try to scream, but the gag muffles your voice.  You are helpless.

In the distance, you hear a piercing, pitiful wail.  Then, the horrible realisation that you are captive in Mistress Berlin's dungeon. 

She pulls the sack off your head, she is even more beautiful than you imagined.  Her leather apron is soaked in blood.  On the table there is an impressive array of tools and devices.  For the next hour you are subjected to the most excrutiating mental / physical torture imaginable....





You are invited to tea with Mistress Berlin., and we both want to look our best.

Mistress understands that you have a beautiful girl inside that is yearning to come out. 

She suspects that you have a very small penis.  She will try her best not to laugh. 


Mistress has picked out a very sexy outfit for you.  She knows all about hair and

make-up, and  how to make the best of your attractive feminine features.  


Now that you are all dressed up, She will teach you how to behave. 

You must learn how to walk in heels, curtsey and sit like a lady. 

She will teach you how to be modest, and how to handle rude men who just want to

get into your pants.  (She is, after all, your ONLY Mistress, and being female, superior)

If Mistress is satisfied, She will tear the clothes from your body and RAVAGE you. 

She understands that you need to be treated like a dirty little slut. 

Mistress allways knows best.






Mistress adores her new little puppy.  He sleeps in his comfortable little cage on the floor, and Mistress takes him out to play.  She takes him walkies on a leash, and if he listens to Mistress he will get a bone.  Mistress also feeds him Husky , and he wags his little tail.  Mistress doesn't like it when he licks his balls.

Mistress' s puppy is very clever and eager to please Mistress.  We play fetch and he learns quickly.  But sometimes he has a little accident on the carpet , then Mistress gets very cross and gives him a whack on his snout with a rolled up newspaper. 


Mistress is very proud of her pony.  He has a bridle, a harness, and a little cart.  On his head is a beautiful red feather plume.  He pulls the cart and takes Mistress to the shop in it. 


But pony has to be very well trained before Mistress goes out with him.  It will take a lot of practise, because he has to obey every command.  Mistress must teach him to trot nicely, with his tail up in the air and lifting his feet up high like a show pony.


Mistress hates house work.


It is beneath Her to do it, that is why She has many domestic slaves to clean her dungeon and her house.  Mistress is a perfectionist, She wants everything spotless, and She does not tolerate laziness.  The lazy ones get the hardest work, like scrubbing inside the oven and underneath the fridge.  It is a great honor to be allowed to work in Mistress' private home, only the best maids get the chance.  Maids must be in uniform, that is naked with a sexy little yellow apron. for her amusement.

Mistress also keeps garden slaves.  They dig holes,  carry rocks and weed the flower beds.  Sometimes Mistress is outside to keep an eye, but when it is cold and raining she will be warm inside, watching through the window with a nice hot cup of tea.  She might hang a bell from your balls, when they are silent she will know you are not working.  Garden slaves are not allowed inside the house, so all punishments will be carried out in the garden.  Hopefully the nosey neighbor doesn't look over the wall...


Mistress's favorite activity.

Mistress knows how precious your manhood is to you.  But it is of no use to Her other than to be tortured for her amusement.  If you really want to please Mistress, give her free reign to do as She pleases with your cock and balls. 

Mistress is especially fond of extreme ball busting.  You will be tied up securely, so that you can't flinch or resist and spoil her fun.  You will be gagged out of respect for the neighbors.

Mistress also enjoys slapping, whipping, trampling, crushing, flogging, electrifying, stretching, piercing , squeezing, burning, hammering, injecting, pinching and hoisting you by the balls with the pulley.  Her humbler notoriously keeps slaves on their hands and knees.


If you have a castration fantacy, Mistress will oblige.



Mistress expects 100% obedience from her subs and slaves.  If you are in a position of authority at work or at home, this is especially  challenging.  It is also the ultimate escape, just being fucked around by someone else for a change.  Mistress will think for you, and you will follow Mistress's every command without hesitation. 

Mistress will teach you 10 slave positions, which have to be memorised and will be tested during the session.  Each position has a specific function in the dungeon and can also be incorporated in future sessions.  Reaction time is of utmost importance, any hesitation will be punished. 

Mistress will then teach you her 10 rules, so that you will no exactly how to behave in the dungeon, when you may speak, what is forbidden, etc.  Rules will also be memorised and tested.  Mistress understands that She is extremely intimidating, but that is no excuse to forget your rules and positions.

Mistress is always right, even when She is wrong, She is right!


Mistress has many different ways to tie you up so that you are completely immobilised and you cannot move an inch.  To further enhance the exprience, you can be gagged and deprived of your senses.  Then Mistress can enjoy herself without any resistance. 

Mistress has a wicked sense of humor, and is especially adept at creating a predicament.  The proverbial "between the devil and the deep blue sea" comes to mind.  ess is especially

You can be mummified in cling wrap from head to toe.  You can be tied down securely on the gurney or the chair, like a condemned man waiting for his execution.  You can be put in leather restraints, in different positions that are not all equally comfortable.  Or Mistress can expertly tie you up with rope and suspend you from the block and tackle. 

This session requires you to trust Mistress with you life.  She is extremely safety consious and always makes sure that She has one or more quick release options. 


An opportunity to bask in Mistress's presence.  Simply being near Her is a privilege men die for.  She may want you to clean Her boots, or help Her into Her corset.  She might just want you to hold Her ashtray in your teeth while She has a leisurely smoke.  You may have to serve as dungeon furniture or hold up the mirror while Mistress admires Her beauty.

Mistress loves bragging with her slaves when She has friends over.  You will serve them drinks, and stand quietly in the corner when you are not needed.  She may also want you to amuse her friends, because Mistress loves making you look rediculous in front of other people, like a performing monkey.