slave lolly

It came to Me as a complete novice and hasn't missed a Thursday since.

I guess it is addicted to Mistress.

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 A slave’s perspective: my last session.

Mistress had already set the orders for when and how I was meant to present myself at Her dungeon. I arrived exactly at the requisite time as usual so as not to incur the wrath of Mistress, Mistress Berlin.

I was to drive into the private parking area, and undress completely in my car, except for the lacy pink panties I had been told to wear. Mistress appeared, dressed in formidable dominatrix attire, which immediately made my cock twitch in the tight fabric. Mistress Berlin then laughed as I walked through to the dungeon, already fearing for the worst (but quietly excited in anticipation.)

Once inside, Mistress made me feel welcome with her usual sensual, yet sadistic smile. It may have been in contempt for my position in life and in that moment, but it is a smile that I look forward to seeing.

I was told take off the panties and kneel before Mistress. I did so without hesitation as I know that there are consequences for not acting smartly on orders. Mistress then put ankle and wrist cuffs on and then a collar to show Her authority. Next I have my cock and balls tied up to stop me from even thinking about cumming without permission. 


Naked, bound and cuffed, I was now at the full mercy of a beautiful Dominatrix. Very different from normal day life, it is an exciting position to be in. A mixture of fear and expectation and brief glimpses of my Mistress make it impossible not to become erect. This comes with a consequence of a slap to the offending member and sets the tone for the session, where I give myself to the expertise and power of Mistress, Mistress Berlin. Having dispensed with a safe word, I am now at Her mercy. Mistress does know best and I will do anything for my Mistress.

I am told to stand and then receive three lashes from a thin cane. It is a short, sharp shock and reminds me exactly where I am and what is expected. I do not flinch as this will bring further lashes, but the pain burns into the skin and muscles beneath. I grit my teeth and wait for my next instruction. 

Mistress tells me that she is going to fuck me long and hard today. I have been obedient to Her rule of no release for just over a week but my erection has annoyed Mistress. It should be seen as flattery to her presence and effect on me but it is not taken that way. My wrists are cuffed to the bench as I bend over the central beam. My legs are tied tightly to the sides and I am now totally exposed at the mercy of Mistress. This is a fairly uncomfortable position but that is the least of my worries. Mistress walks away, the high heels on Her latex thigh-highs clicking.


I am left to ponder my fate as Mistress lights a cigarette and admires Her handywork. Then She puts out the cigarette and walks around me. I cannot lift my head too much so can only see Her amazing leather clad legs and boots. Even though I am in a serious predicament it makes me so horny to see them. They disappear again and now I feel the cold sensation of lube being dripped onto my back and onto my bare and exposed ass. I shudder inside from the shock of the cold and what it means is going to happen. I then feel a hard, smooth object at the entrance to my asshole and then, slowly but surely it enters me. It is a very strange sensation, a little uncomfortable rather than painful now, after some training. However, as it goes further in the pain does increase but with it a certain sexual sensation entering the strange mix.


I wish that I could see Mistress as She does this, maybe another time She will take me a different way? Now fully inserted, Mistress then starts to slowly fuck me and take any manhood I may still have had. The rhythm becomes faster and more intense, both the pain and the sensuality. My cock is dripping pre-cum but I am now just a fuck-toy for Mistress Berlin. She tells me that I am a useless slut and she is going to fuck me hard all afternoon. The session continues with my anal battering and verbal humiliation. I feel my manhood disappear and submit totally to my beautiful Mistress. 

After some time, Mistress stops using me and pulls out. I am released from my bondage, but only to be told to sit on a dildo on a stool in front of Her. As I slide down onto it, the discomfort and lack of any control in my situation hit me. Mistress then sits in front of me and tells me to wank my cock. She squirts some lube on and sits back to watch the show. With the feelings of discomfort and weakness, I cannot look Mistress in the eye, even though I really want to. I focus on what I have been ordered to do but a mixture of the predicament, the increasing pain and the bondage around my cock and balls make it impossible to cum.


As a further punishment for my ineptitude, Mistress gets her favourite clamps and attaches them painfully to each of my nipples. The pain is intense and excruciating but it makes Mistress happy.  Even with verbal assistance and Mistress sexily putting the toes of her boots into my balls, I cannot cum. My humiliation is complete when Mistress tells me that She is bored of me and I have failed. I have never felt so disappointed in letting Mistress (and myself) down.

I am sent for a shower with my tail literally between my legs. 

This session is just one of many where I have given myself totally to Mistress, Mistress Berlin. I trust Her implicitly and cannot believe what She has opened my eyes to. For me, this is a very special relationship. It may not be for Mistress, as I am just one of many slaves, but I will try to do my best and keep stretching my boundaries at Her will and guidance.

slave lolly.

slave alan

Credits to slave alan who diligently brings its video camera and edits the footage for Mistress.  This story amused Mistress, I will let slave alan tell it in his own words...

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Hip thrust pic.jpg

On the morning of my birthday she gave me a couple of envelopes and told me to follow instructions inside.
The first one to me was a floatation session in town which was lovely.
When I got back to my car I was nice and chilled and opened the second envelope whilst having a bit of pre packed lunch.
I checked out the address which was in Bellville.  There was another envelope attached that I was to give to the therapist.
It was addressed to MB suddenly I realised at the same time that my GPS told me I had to leave immediately that there was a strong possibility that I was going to Mistress Berlin.
SO there I was having a small heart attack and driving at the same time whilst trying to get my head ready for this.
I was instructed to go to a certain gate and send an sms.
The GPS took me there in such a fucked up way that I was completely lost by the time I got there.
I must tell you I am slightly dyslexic and under pressure it gets BAD.
So I arrive at this gate after a sweaty trip only just on time and send the sms.
I do not get a response so after 5 minutes.
I am now completely convinced that there is a Domme inside that is going to beat the shit out of me for being late.
So I check my phone and the number and it is WRONG.
So I put in the number again and send ANOTHER message......wait 2 minutes I am now 10 minutes late
No response.... SO I get my reading glasses and the number and realise I had it wrong again.
This time there is an immediate response telling me to go in.
Heart hammering in my ears and sweaty palms I do so......
If you would like to hear the rest let me know....:-)

So I enter the gate that I have been instructed to enter and walked around the side of the building to find the entrance.
At this point in time I was not fully sure what was about to happen at this place.
The door was open so I stepped into the doorway at this point it hit me like a freight train.
I was standing in the doorway of a full on professional dungeon.
My eyes stopped wondering when they rested upon a striking and imposing figure of an immaculately dressed dominatrix. I was greeted with a handshake and invited in.
I sincerely doubt if my mouth managed to form intelligent words. I was told to sit on a couch which I did, I was then informed that there was not much discussion that needs to take place as it had all been done by my GF prior to my arrival by e-mail.
Safe word was discussed and before I knew what was really going on I was told to remove my clothes and kneel. Which I did.
At this point Mistress Berlin told me not to have a heart attack in her dungeon. I think she realised I had stopped breathing when I walked in the door.
The dungeon has a wide variety of equipment that would literally take a lifetime to collect.
At this point I was so deep in sub space I don't think I would have been able to find my own name in my head.
I was tied with my hands wide and feet in a spreader bar.
There was a blindfold on me spreader type mouth gag and we practiced my safe word. I was completely in sensational overload.
There where floggers and a wartenburg wheel and many other sensations that I could not pinpoint.
There was also a full face hood that was involved at some point the sensory deprivation put me so deep into sub space that all I was about to do was make a continuous low pitched moan.
Later on in the session there was electricity and CBT which the mistress kindly took a video of for me to take home.
All in all it was an incredible experience which I have repeated many times.
Every time I am a very good boy I get sent to The mistress.

sub John

Current record holder for the hardest caning.  Sub John has gifted Mistress an impressive collection of canes by Master Wayne.  He now regrets it...  I am a perfectionist and strive to be 100% accurate every time.  You will see that I delivered 2 low blows.  This is not acceptable, and Mistress did them over. To My credit, it was My first time with this cane.  It is 1 m long, 9.8 mm diameter and very flexible.  I am eagerly awaiting the 1,2 m 8 mm one.

monster cane.jpg

Mistress Berlin there is no other word to describe a session with Her other than " WOW and OUCH "


She is a well refined and a well educated person in drama studies.  But make no mistake, a very stern and strict Dominatrix only to be addressed as Mistress. Being restrained and tied down on Her caning bench is not for the faint hearted.  A sub must have guts as to the consequence. Believe me the pain is severe, delivered hard with Her whippy cane, but the passion and sensuality what comes with each stroke is out of this world.


I created a predicament for myself by presenting Her with a very flexible cane which She turned into a beast. I then came to realise, always put your money where your mouth is - it was a self inflicted hell. She is relentless with her merciless hard strokes that fall with absolute accuracy.  She will even remove Her boots to achieve the desired stance and height to pinpoint the strokes.  In between every set of 10  caressing and comforting the sub for a while until progression to the next set of 10 to follow.


Strokes one to six are slow but a merciless seven to ten fall in quick succession with me doing the counting.  Believe me it is very painful. However just before the sub feels he can take no more she stops saying it's enough a very responsible Dominatrix. The only advice I can give is leave your ego at home. Never go in and request it hard.   One huge mistake.  Rather let Her decide and She will judge your limit after a few sessions. Yes a few sessions, She is a long-term Dom.Please don't even try to estimate her age you will be way off. Very beautiful, very sexy and lovely conversation along with it all. For all this I can vouch sub John.