Welcome.   Say PLEASE.  Prepare to serve the cruel and villainous Mistress Berlin.  

I have honed My skills over a period of six years, systematically extending My arsenal of methods and equipment. 


I am notoriously arrogant in My pleasures. I know exactly what you think and feel, and I know best how to deal with it.  I apply pain and torture with real artistry and imagination.  I enjoy getting creative with elaborate punishments that make other slave owners seem cordial in comparison.    I derive genuine pleasure from your suffering.  It excites me more than what is considered proper. 


I have a capacity for kindly feelings, but I won’t squander them on you.  My only concern for you is that you serve Me well.  I accept that it takes courage to submit, but I am not interested in your fears.  Everything must submit to Me, the entire universe has to flatter My whims, and I have the right to satisfy them at will.  When I see you degraded, I rejoice knowing that it is better to be Me than the scum you are.  

I have a smoldering disdain for the men I enslave.  I don’t need any other reason to chastise you than the most trivial of perceived slights.    I will chain you to the physical representation of your miserable station in life, and if My beatings, whippings and general nastiness aren’t enough to keep you in line, I will lock you in My cage until you learn. 


The only way to My heart is along the path of torment. Give yourself to Me indiscriminately, sacrificing everything to sensual pleasure, and only then will you know true happiness.  


Complete submission is your lot, and that is all.