After much begging and pleading, Mistress Berlin can now be served online!


Mistress Berlin has slaves all over the world pining for Her in their absence.  She will now accept a limited number of online slaves.  Slaves will engage with Mistress Berlin in person, directly. 

This is a great privilege and not easily afforded. 

Slaves may respectfully apply for an audience with Mistress Berlin by requesting Permission to Speak.  It is not for free, but it is necessary to weed out the time wasters, otherwise Mistress will soon get tired of the whole thing.  It ensures that only real slaves apply, because real slaves know that it is a privilege to engage with Mistress and that She doesn't work for free.

Once slave is granted Permission to Speak, it will be allowed to talk to Mistress, learn everything it needs to know about becoming an online slave, and how to apply.

As a bonus, slave will get 100% free access to more pics and  video clips of Mistress Berlin in Her Dungeon with Her slaves.




Mistress guarantees an authentic experience. 

She has a good reputation and She won't tarnish it.

You will engage with Mistress Berlin personally.

Yes, you will receive real rewards for your money.

What's more, Mistress understands the importance of being discreet. 

She doesn't want you to get "caught out" as this is still a great taboo and generally misunderstood.

Your privacy will ALWAYS be protected and Mistress will NEVER expect you to do something that may compromise that.