These rules are for all submissives and slaves, whether you are engaging in a play scene, an online session, or renting the Dungeon for private play.

  •    Address me as Mistress Berlin

  •    Provide details of your fetish

  •    Put some effort into it.  If you want a response, you have to catch my eye

  •    Keep trying. I have many slaves vying for my attention

  •    Pay Tribute.   I am really only interested in your  money

  •    Do not burden me with trash.  Not all slaves are born equal

  •    Fill in the application form.  Slaves will be screened  

  •    If you are new to this, research BDSM

  •   Arrive on time, I have a tight schedule

  •   Come clean and sober.  Full bathroom facilities are available

  •   Do not ask for sex, nudity, age play or scatting



Subs and slaves may apply to be included in the Slave Register.  As a

registered slave, you will receive certain small privileges in terms of bookings,

access to more pics and videos, and discounted fees for regular visits.  Being

My realtime slave is not easily afforded, and there is no guarantee that you will

be accepted.  It depends largely on your attitude and the quality of your

service.   I will only accept those with potential to please Me.


The quickest way to get My attention, and compulsory for online servitude.

You are paying for My time, and it is precious.  So impress Me.

The amount you choose to pay is an indication of your devotion and will

determine how much time and attention you get.